Month: May 2017

Chopper Optional: Recipes for the Recently Toothless – A Book Review

Ever have those days when chewing hurts? And you were sick of eating yogurt and pudding? Maybe you are recovering from dental surgery and can’t eat solid foods just yet. What if I told you there was a way to still eat your favorite junk foods like pizza, tacos, and chili dogs? Nutrition is important to healing. But so is a positive attitude. Being able to eat familiar food is very comforting when you are dealing with a physical trauma, as I discovered from personal experience. This book was born from necessity. In 2015, on my 61st birthday, I...

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Real Life Humor – How to have Fun at the Thrift Store

You can have fun everywhere, even at a local thrift store! These pictures were from a recent shopping trip. We didn’t set out to be silly, but sometimes you find inspiration in the most unexpected places. We got a few odd looks while we were posing and snapping pictures (and laughing!), but we also had a Lot of fun! Sometimes, you just gotta embrace your ridiculous side! This display of mannequin heads seemed to be a ready-made photo op and we just couldn’t resist. All those blank expressions! We tried to mimic the look but just couldn’t measure up to the...

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The Last Laugh - Think murder isn't funny? Someone thinks it is. Join detective Fitzhugh and his beautiful partner, detective Lynn Kelly, as they try to figure out the punchline before more comedians die.
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The Last Laugh Book Cover

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