Month: June 2017

Phoenix area free Events June 12-18

Phoenix area fun and summer are both heating up! Looking for some free fun in the Valley of the Sun? We’ve got you covered! Here are some Phoenix area events for the upcoming week, including free concerts, wine tastings, art walks and yoga. And that’s not all!  Click on the links to learn more details. Then get out there and have some fun! Know of an event we don’t have listed? Leave it in the comments or send us an email. MALL MUSIC  Desert Ridge Marketplace; 21001 N. Tatum Blvd; Phoenix;  Friday, June 16 – Concerts: District Stage, 7-10pm;...

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Fast, Easy, & Nutritious Breakfast? Eggs-actly What I’m Looking For!

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives us a good start and fuels our body for what’s coming.  In the old days, farmers traditionally started their day with a hearty breakfast that included eggs, meat, and potatoes. I once knew a farmer whose family ate meals in what most people  would consider “reverse order.” They ate their largest meal at breakfast and their lightest meal in the evening. Science actually supports this manner of eating, agreeing that having a large meal in the evening is bad for both our digestion and our waistlines....

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Freebies & Samples Vol 2

Some of the free food and samples from the emails I received this week from NOTE: Be aware that some free offers get canceled by the company after receiving a maximum number of responses, so act fast if you see something you want. Also, I found one or two links that went to a website but had no free samples that I could find. Also, one link was flagged by my anti-virus as being unsafe. If this happens to you, Do NOT proceed to the site! Your anti-virus is there for a reason. (If you Don’t have an...

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Magsoothium Reduced my Arthritis Pain! – product review

There are days when I forget I have no cartilage in my left knee; today isn’t one of them. Today is a “pain day”, a day when sudden bolts of pain cause me to cry out. This is a day when I think, maybe I will take that 800 mg ibuprofen the doctor prescribed. Except – I hate drugs. The ibuprofen makes me drowsy. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the cessation of pain. In any case, I avoid taking them. Instead, I turn to a remedy my sister suggested – a cream called Magsoothium. Magsoothium is a combination...

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Ego-“Trips” (or “you might as well laugh. Everyone else is!”)

We’ve all had those times when things went wrong. Horribly, embarrassingly Wrong with a capital W! When that happens, there’s only one thing to do – share your failure with everyone! So – for anyone who might have just tuned in, let me repeat my life motto: “Life’s too short to be taken seriously!” In that vein, I present my “tales of true-life fails.” I hope they make you smile and help you take your own life a little less seriously. For my first tale, I give you… How NOT to thread a bobbin: a story told in pictures:...

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