We’ve all had those times when things went wrong. Horribly, embarrassingly Wrong with a capital W! When that happens, there’s only one thing to do – share your failure with everyone!

So – for anyone who might have just tuned in, let me repeat my life motto: “Life’s too short to be taken seriously!”

In that vein, I present my “tales of true-life fails.” I hope they make you smile and help you take your own life a little less seriously.

For my first tale, I give you… How NOT to thread a bobbin: a story told in pictures:

This is apparently what happens if you Don’t have the bobbin inserted properly into the sewing machine! Pretty sure we never covered this in Home Ec class… and no, this wasn’t my first time using a sewing machine. In my defense, it was my first time using this sewing machine.  

But I learned from my mistake and that’s what’s important, right? Or so they say. In fact, I learned two things: 1) the sewing machine manual is actually pretty useful, and 2) those pre-wound bobbins are totally worth the money!


Got an embarrassing tale (or three) of your own? Don’t be shy – share it! (Once you stop laughing of course!)