Do you love to read? Do you love FREE stuff? Then you’re going to Love these 3 sites for Free eBooks! I have personally subscribed to all 3 of these sites for some time, so I know what I’m talking about. Each site is slightly different, so there isn’t too much overlap on titles. And all can be customized to suit your preferences.

You can try going the Amazon route, selecting “Kindle Store”, then typing in “Free Kindle Books”, but what you’ll get is their Kindle Unlimited books, which require a subscription. You can also go to Kindle books, select a genre and filter by lowest price. I have found some free books that way. Usually I am looking for a specific subject, like RV travel or Easy Cookbooks.

But that’s a lot of work for a small payback. Why do that, when these free book sites do the work for you? The free site book links usually take you to Amazon. So here they are, in order of my preference:

The Fussy Librarian – This site offers two newsletters, one with Free books and one with bargain books. Sign up for one or both! I get the free books newsletter and really like the format of the email.

Freebooksy – This site is just free ebooks. Browse their website or sign up to have your preferred genres emailed to you.

BookBub – This site primarily offers discount books, but they usually include 1 or 2 Free titles in the mix. I like this site because I’ve occasionally found some great bargains on books I wanted.

There are other free book sites out there. Thousands of them! Just Google “Free eBooks for Kindle” and you’ll see what I mean. So many choices! These are the ones I’ve used and liked and can personally recommend. If you’ve used another site, let us know so we can update this article.

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