The bees were busy at the Mesa Rose Gardens today! Every bush was surrounded by them, but they were more interested in flowers than people. However, if you visit, you might want to forego the perfume and hairspray, so you don’t get mistaken for a big flower!

We went on April 11, around 9 am and it was comfortable (temps in the mid-70’s) but already starting to warm up. Here in AZ, early mornings are the best time for outings, as the temps can continue to rise well into the early evening hours. Things are already starting to heat up in early April. Temperatures can rise to the mid to upper 90’s and it’s truly a “dry heat” so be sure to bring plenty of water.

There are lots of benches throughout the grounds; many are shaded by large trees. There are very few paved paths. The lawns are mostly flat and well-manicured so I had no trouble navigating with my cane. A wheelchair or scooter should be able to handle the terrain without much difficulty. There is usually ample parking along the road that runs along the edge of the gardens, and there is a wide sidewalk next to the road.

The rose gardens are a feast for all the senses – you can smell their delightful scent as soon as you open your car door!  There are masses of flowers wherever you look, in every imaginable shade. The grass is lovely – I couldn’t resist pulling one foot out of my sandals to test its softness. Grass is a rarity in Arizona, and most of what we do have is rather crisp, so this was a rare treat!

The roses in the Gardens at Mesa Community College are lovingly tended year-round and will bloom throughout most of the year. When you go, be sure to take plenty of water, and wear comfortable shoes. Go slowly, take your time and “stop to smell the roses”. Just be careful you don’t inhale a bee!

The Rose Garden at Mesa Community College is located at 1833 W. Southern Avenue; Mesa, Arizona 85202. You can also visit their website at

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