There are 5 reasons why you need art that inspires in your home and at your office. Poetry-Art does more than add color – it adds feeling. It encourages, relaxes, and makes you feel hopeful and new again.

Look around -There are dozens of reasons to feel depressed and discouraged about the world we live in. I don’t need to list them, they’re already on your mind. That’s why you need poetry-art. 

1) Hope. Remember when you were young and believed you could do anything? When you looked forward to growing up and all the possibilities that involved? Those feelings are still inside you; uncover them.

2) Inspiration. Remember a time when your head was full of ideas and innovations? When you believed in yourself and were positive you knew the solution to every problem? Those ideas are still inside you; retrieve them.

3) Love. Ah, love! Remember that time when your world revolved around loving and being loved? You haven’t lost that feeling, it just seems to get pushed aside by the daily stress and struggle of life. Love is still inside you; just listen.

4) Joy. Remember when happiness was as natural as breathing? When you laughed at life’s challenges and defiantly giggled at inappropriate times? That laughter is still inside you; be silly.

5) Faith. Remember when you believed in a power beyond yourself? When you trusted that, no matter how crazy life got, there was a reason and an order to the universe? That higher power still exists; look inside.

Five reasons. Just five reasons. But they encompass an entire realm of potential. They are an arsenal of hope and they still live within you; tired and dusty, perhaps, but alive and well so long as you draw breath.

Get back to those feelings, those possibilities, with a daily reminder. We create poetry art to inspire and encourage. I write the words and poems that I hope will speak to many people; Rick adds graphics that enriches and brings my words to life.

Our goal is to make the world a little kinder, happier, and more hopeful. Step inside our store and look around.  Pause a moment to relax, refresh and remember.