When you think of Arizona, you probably Don’t think of the word “cruise”. But you Should! Our cruises aren’t aboard luxury ocean liners with amenities like onboard pools. What we have is way better!

Our cruises are small – no more than 143 people. It’s easy to get acquainted with your shipmates.
Our cruises only take a few hours. You can do one as a day trip for yourself, or to impress out of town visitors.

There may be singing! And fine dining. Some cruises include entertainment and a meal. There are both daytime and nighttime cruises. All come with narration by a seasoned skipper.

Last but certainly not least – our cruises are affordable! It won’t break the bank to cruise Arizona. So all in all, a great way to spend a day!

Click the links for some views of our cruise on Saguaro Lake:

Cruising aboard the Desert Belle

Saguaro Lake by Boat

Aqua Car Sighting on Saguaro Lake!

Website for the Desert Belle

Do you have any cruise stories to tell? We’d love to hear them! Contact us.