Of course we love Dad every day of the year, but if you want to show that special guy some Extra love, we have suggestions on how to do that with easy Father’s Day crafts and thrifty gifts. These ideas can be used for other special occasions too, so don’t worry if you see more than one idea that you like. Just bookmark this page so you can refer to it for birthday or Christmas or any special occasion.

Kiss the Cook Apron

Buy a plain white apron (like this one from Walmart), and some fabric paint, then prepare to get messy! Let each child put a handprint on the apron. Once dry, the kids can add their names and a message. You can also do this with a white t-shirt instead of an apron.

Bacon is My Life Seasoned Salt

Does Dad love bacon? Then he’ll love Bacon Salt! It’s as simple as cooking bacon until it’s crisp, then crushing it, adding salt and a little pepper, and mix. Put in a decorative jar and store in the refrigerator. Here’s a step by step recipe for you.

Grill Master Barbecue Rub

This homemade barbecue rub would pair nicely with the bacon salt recipe and the handprint apron (above). Add a spatula and tongs and you have a great gift.

Sweets for the Sweet microwave Caramels

How about some home-made caramels for Dad? These are made in the microwave, using just a few ingredients, and don’t require a candy thermometer. Yummy!

Thumb-body Loves You! Father’s Day cards

For this craft you need a piece of card stock, an ink pad, and a black fine-line marker. Have each child do a thumb or finger print, then add details like face, hair, arms and feet. Have the kids sign their names and you have a keepsake worth framing!

You Rock, Dad! Painted Rock Paperweight

How about a painted rock paperweight, for the dad who has everything? Here’s a great easy Tutorial, simple enough for toddlers.  

Color His World handmade cards

No Father’s Day would be complete without a handmade card. Download the printable card here.

Go the extra step and make Dad a #1 Dad award ribbon, complete with questions each child can fill in, telling why their Dad is the best.

Daddy’s 1st Father’s Day handprint keepsake

This craft is a bit messy and requires Dad’s help, but you end up with a wonderful Father’s Day gift that you’ll all treasure for years to come. So grab a couple smocks and a Lot of paper towels, and get the instructions here.

Coupon Book ideas

The ever-popular book of coupons is always a welcome gift. Some ideas for the coupons: a car wash, a hug, a batch of his favorite cookies, a movie of his choice, an uninterrupted nap, permission to sing along with the radio, a game of catch, mowing the lawn (or shoveling), Etc! Have the kids help with suggestions for things they think dad would like.

Movie Gift Bag

How about a family movie night for a fun present? You can use a gift bag or a basket to hold all the goodies: DVD of a movie dad likes, some popcorn and seasonings, dad’s favorite candy and soda. Add in a pair of soft socks from the Dollar store. You might even find a popcorn bowl at the Dollar store, that could double as a gift container.

Got more ideas on how to show Dad some love? Be sure to let us know so we can add them to this post for everyone to enjoy!