There are days when I forget I have no cartilage in my left knee; today isn’t one of them. Today is a “pain day”, a day when sudden bolts of pain cause me to cry out. This is a day when I think, maybe I will take that 800 mg ibuprofen the doctor prescribed.

Except – I hate drugs. The ibuprofen makes me drowsy. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the cessation of pain. In any case, I avoid taking them. Instead, I turn to a remedy my sister suggested – a cream called Magsoothium.

Magsoothium is a combination of arnica gel and magnesium. I have used arnica gel in the past, with good results. It’s a natural herbal pain reliever. So I was already half-sold on Magsoothium. My sister had done extensive research online and explained that magnesium is a well-known anti-inflammatory. Even better, she had already “field tested” the product. She also has issues with her joints and is my go-to person when I have a question on how to handle the pain.

Still, I was a bit hesitant – okay, cheap! The product is not inexpensive. And I tend to think I can just ignore the problem. Which, as we know, never works. One day, I get a package in the mail – my sister sent me a jar of Magsoothium. So, the next time I had a “flare”, I tried it. I was instantly sold!

The texture is a bit like petroleum jelly and can stay greasy, so it probably isn’t something you want to put on under tight-fitting clothing. I would suggest wrapping the area with an elastic bandage or wearing something that can be rolled up, primarily to avoid rubbing the cream off the area.

Other than the greasy texture, there is no “hot” feeling, like with some sports creams. And there is no unpleasant smell. I’m very sensitive to strong odors, as is our dog, and neither one of us objected to the smell of Magsoothium.

In short, this product just works! The pain stops and I’m able to move again. If it works on my bone-on-bone knee pain, it will certainly work on any aches and pains you have. Try it and you’ll be a believer also!

Footnote:  Another product that has been shown to help relieve pain naturally, is Turmeric. Click here to read an interesting article about the benefits of Turmeric.